Ordering Info

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding how to order online with us, or more special order info. We’re here to help!

Welcome to Skein Online!

The following is just a few things we can think of at the moment. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new territory.  

On Purchases:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There will be no returns or refunds on any items due to Covid-19.


On Special Orders: 

Most special orders must be at least 5 balls or more for EACH colorway. For example, if you need 4 balls of Color A & 3 balls of Color B, you must order at least 5 balls of Color A AND 5 balls of Color B. However, each situation is different and sometimes exceptions will be made for certain yarn, so please always contact us to find out more. 

If you’re not sure if a color is still available or if you have any questions about special orders, please send us an email or call us and we can further assist you.

Most special orders with immediate availability generally arrives between 5-7 business days from the day the order is placed by us. We place ALL special orders on Tuesdays weekly. 


During Checkout: 

PLEASE input all your information correctly, such as your address & phone number, especially if you need the items to be shipped. Double check and triple check! 

We’ve included both Local Pick Up and Priority Shipping in checkout, please make sure you check the correct one. 

**If the Local Pick Up option doesn’t show up on the CART page, please go to CHECKOUT page, fill out your address properly, uncheck the “Ship to a Different Address” box, and proceed. The Local Pickup checkbox will then show up as an option.

***When entering your zip code, please enter the 5 digit Zip ONLY, and not 5 digit Zip + 4, until the bug is fixed. Thank you!


Order Processing: 

Depending on the volume, we will do our best to process all purchases made same day before 4pm Tues – Sat. If you’d like Same Day Pick Up, please leave us a note in the checkout. The curbside pick-up hours are 11am-5pm Tues – Fri. 

While all items are limited to what’s in stock, mistakes can happen or the system didn’t catch when multiple people are purchasing the same thing. In that case, the first buyer will receive the items. If it can be reordered, we’ll contact you to alert you. Therefore, please enter all your contact information correctly!


More to come as we go… Let us know if you have any questions! Thank you for visiting and being part of this journey with us! 

Happy Yarn Shopping!