I’ll be adding to this list soon… if you have any questions, please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Welcome to Skein Online!

This website is designed to help you find what you need easily with our robust filtering system, and also allows you to “meander” through different categories like you would at our physical shop.


I live locally, why isn’t there a Local Pickup option on Cart page?

  • If your billing address is in LA County & shipping to SAME address: fill out your billing address on Checkout page, uncheck “Shipping to a Different Address” box, the Local Pickup Option will appear. 
  • If you’re shipping to different address also in LA County, fill out all address information correctly, (using the “Shipping to a Different Address” field), the Local Pickup Option will appear.
  • When filling out the ZIP code, please use only the 5 digit Zip, and NOT with ZIP+4 extension. 


How do I narrow down my search by colors, or yarn weight using the filters?

  • On Computers: You may browse our yarns by clicking on different attributes on the left sidebar. We’ve categorized all yarns by Brands, Colors, Needle/Hook Sizes, Fiber Contents, etc. Once clicked, the page will automatically refresh to your selections. To begin a new search, simply click on “Reset” above the filters. 
  • On Mobile: Click on the 3 bars on upper left hand side to reach the menu and make your selection. Once you get to the main Category page, the Filters selection will be in the top middle below our Skein Logo. Proceed as above. 


How do I use the search bars? 

  • On Computer: The search icon (magnifying glass) is located on upper right hand area next to the Log In. For specific items, you may type in the product name, color number, color name, needle size etc, and the search bar will automatic create a drop down options with those search words. 
  • If you’re searching for a specific LINE of yarn, for example “Berroco Sesame”, type in its full name and press enter. It will then present you with a page of all the items under that name.
  • On Mobile: On the upper left-hand corner, press the icon of 3 bars to get to the menu. The search bar is at the top of this menu. 

What does the (D) mean after a yarn name? 

  • The (D) indicates that either the yarn or the colorway has been discontinued. 

How do I browse by categories?

  • Most of our yarn have been assigned to specific categories for navigation. Some yarn may be in one or more categories as to be found easily. Please feel free to explore. 

How do I speak to someone live?

  • We’ve recently added a new phone system with a new phone number in order to assist you better. After you dial the number, you’ll hear a short message and prompts to press a number on your keypad to get the info you need. Here are the prompts: 
    • Press 1 for curbside pickup.
    • Press 2 for hours & location, and pickup instructions.
    • Press 3 to speak to someone live.
    • Press 4 for other ways to contact and our social media accts.
    • Press 5 for our response to Covid 19.
    • Press 6 to go back to the Main Menu.

If we’re not able to answer your call, please leave a message and we’ll call you right back. Alternatively, you may also text your questions to this number for even faster service!

New phone: 626-768-9361


More to come as we go… Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for visiting!

Happy Yarn Shopping!