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Welcome to Skein Online!

This website is designed to help you find what you need easily with our robust filtering system, and also allows you to “meander” through different categories like you would at our physical shop.

Browse By Filters:

On Computers: You may browse our yarns by clicking on different attributes on the left sidebar. We’ve categorized all yarns by Brands, Colors, Needle/Hook Sizes, Fiber Contents, etc. Once clicked, the page will automatically refresh to your selections. To begin a new search, simply click on “Reset” above the filters. 

On Mobile: Click on the 3 bars on upper left hand side to reach the menu and make your selection. Once you get to the main Category page, the Filters selection will be in the top middle below our Skein Logo. Proceed as above. 


Using the Search Bar:

For specific items, you may type in the product name, color number, color name, needle size etc, and the search bar will automatic create a drop down options with those search words. 


Browse by Categories:

Most of our yarn have been assigned to specific categories for navigation. Some yarn may be in one or more categories as to be found easily. Please feel free to explore. 


More to come as we go… Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for visiting!

Happy Yarn Shopping!